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The Shrimp Keeper

Who are we? Some say we’re geeks, others say we’re addicts, we prefer to see ourselves as faithful participants in the time-honored tradition of animal husbandry 😜.

The fact is anyone can be a shrimp keeper, but it requires commitment! Many of the domesticated animals we know today were bred over centuries — even millennia — so that they consistently carry their current traits. While shrimp breeding can yield results more quickly than that, it might still take dozens of generations of the tiny invertebrates to achieve what one is hoping for.


Experienced and successful breeders thus know not only that “patience is a virtue,” but also that humility and respect are demanded by nature. Shrimp keepers learn quickly that they must obey nature’s rules, which will not bend under brute force.

This is why we revere the most committed breeders of our hobby. The beauty unique to each new shrimp pattern or colour speaks beyond phenotype, it also points to a depth of self-knowledge (in the breeder, of course. But then, who can be sure what a shrimp knows? 🤔 ) wrought through the disciplined and meticulous hard work of years of deliberate and selective breeding of a particular genotype characteristic. In a culture that has over emphasized the immediate and the importance of the superficial, the depth of character exhibited in these famous breeders is invaluable!



Photo Credits:

Much thanks to our dear and true shrimp keeper/fine macro-photographer friends from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Shrimp Society.

Above: Red King Kong (Left), Extreme Black KK (Right), breeder/photographer: Steven Chan. Bottom: Mosura Shadow Bee (Left), bred/photo also by Steven. Super Crystal Reds (Right), by Cory Reynolds.

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