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About Our T-shirts

About our Printing & Materials

All our T-shirts are screened-printed (yes, including this FWODS V1 May2017 Tee, which took nine colours!) in small batches in Vancouver, Canada, to ensure quality.

We’ve also taken extra care in our choice of fabrics. While our white shirts and kids’ collection are printed on soft 100% combed ringspun cotton, the rest of our shirts gain an extra luxurious feel through blends of polyester and cotton.

All our shirts are preshrunk to minimize shrinkage in the wash.

Cleaning your T-shirts

We want your Ebiphany product to last! Here are some recommendations useful for all screen-printed, cotton-polyester blend shirts:

  • Use cold water
  • To protect the ink:
    • Avoid washing with rougher fabrics, such as towels
    • Turn the shirt inside-out before putting in wash
    • Avoid bleach
  • Hang-drying is prefered
  • If using a dryer
    • Stay at a low setting
    • Don’t fully dry — hang to complete drying
If needed, use a low setting, and try to avoid the print.

Dealing with Stains

  • Be quick: the sooner you address the stain, the better.
  • Don’t rub (side-to-side motion); blot (press and release with a cloth repeatedly), instead. Rubbing can spread the stain.
  • Avoid heat: it can set the stain, making it difficult to remove.
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