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Anatomy of the Black Bee Shrimp Poster
Anatomy of the Black Bee Shrimp Poster
Anatomy of the Black Bee Shrimp Poster
$34.99 USD

Anatomy of the Black Bee Shrimp Poster

Celebrate science and take your "geek cred" to the next level with this first-of-its-kind, meticulously hand-drawn anatomical depiction of the Bee Shrimp — rendered here in black and white as a tribute to the Black Bee. 

We believe this is the most accurate anatomical depiction of the Bee Shrimp available in the world today. We’ve designed the colours and typeface of this iteration, and added the character 黑 (meaning "black") to its background, for those who prefer the stark, majestic qualities of the Black Bee — or those looking for the perfect compliment to their Red Bee posters (see it here). 😉 

Lovingly designed in our small studio in Vancouver, Canada, our products are printed in small batches on premium material so that no detail is lost.

Product information:

18” × 24” (45.72 × 60.96cm) 

100 lb. text, Loop Silk Coated paper, noted for dense colour production and high environmental ratings. 

Offset printed in Vancouver, Canada. 

Please note that poster purchases do not include frames. Our prints are carefully rolled and shipped in protective plastic and cardboard packaging.

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Did you know?

The original Black Bee looks patchy and translucent in the wild. It’s because of the careful, patient work of shrimp breeders that we can enjoy the thick white shell and jet-black stripes commonly attributed to this revered phenotype. Look at the comparison below. The latter is a very high-quality Black Bee bred by famous Japanese breeder "Super Farm O2," costing over $100 USD for each inch-long critter!)

Photo by Dou Mok, Vancouver, Canada.